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Cheers to the Matriarchy

When we first received “Queen Mom” at the shop, I was tasked with find… read more

Ringing in 2022 With My Favorite Grape

The first time I tried Zweigelt—a cross between Blaufrankisch and St.… read more

Kind of Orange: Sauv Blanc’s Wild Side

I thought I knew Sauvignon Blanc. I always perceived it as kind of…bas… read more

Woman-Made Wine Is Better

I’ll be honest: I knew nothing about the producer, Iole Rabasco, when… read more

​Blondes Have the Most Fun

It’s probably obvious by now that I’d opt for a red over anything else… read more

WTPF (What the Purple F**k???)

In journalism school, I learned that one of the cardinal rules of stor… read more

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