• Vinyes Tortuga, Catalunya Juicy
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    Vinyes Tortuga, Catalunya Juicy


    2019Garnacha and MerlotSuper fun, fresh, funky and enjoyable. We are Dido & Jurriaan. We share a passion: wine. We traveled from vineyard to vineyard to make wine all over the world. We finally set our foot down in the region of Alt-Empordà in...

  • Cantina Furlani, Sur Lie Rosato
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    Cantina Furlani, Sur Lie Rosato


    2019Pinot Nero Sur Lie Alpino Rosato is a pink sparkling wine produced by Furlani Winery vinified with Pinot Noir. The method used for Sur Lie is something in between Pet Nats, Ancestral Method, Champagne Method. The harvest August and September...

  • Jumping Juice, Sunset
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    Jumping Juice, Sunset


    NV Sauvignon blanc, Gewürztraminer and Shiraz Sometimes we just want to drink Juice. Sometimes we just want a bit of alchemy. Skin fermented sauvignon blanc, gewürztraminer and shiraz…. The colour of Summer and the scent of a holiday...

  • Borachio "Show Pony" Fleurieu Rose
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    Borachio "Show Pony" Fleurieu Rose


    2019Pinot Grigio, SangioveseWild strawberry - Sherbet - Jalapeño margarita.White Cabernet, Direct Pressed Pinot Grigio with just enough Sangiovese to blush its cheeks.On the nose, herbaceous and musky leading to some kinda subtle boiled lolly vibe...

  • Borachio "Pash Rash" Rose Pet Nat
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    Borachio "Pash Rash" Rose Pet Nat


    2020Pinot Noir, Savagnin, Chardonnay Ocean spray. A walk on the beach at sunset. A bag of sherbet and a pink lemonade from the kiosk. Memories. Or the adult version: you passed out, woke up sandy, someone stole your backpack. Classic you. Pinot Noir -...

  • Milan Nestarec, Transcendent
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    Milan Nestarec, Transcendent


    NVRegent, Neuburger, and Riesling"It’s a rosé, but, knowing me, you rightly suspect there’s a twist: direct press Regent, added to an open vat with Neuburger and Riesling fermenting on skins. Neuburger brings richness, Riesling the...

  • Martvilis Marani, Ojaleshi Rosé Wine
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    Martvilis Marani, Ojaleshi Rosé Wine


    2019OjaleshiFounded in 2012, Martvili Marani (formerly Vino Martvili) owns 0.5 hectares of vineyard and produces fine natural wines with traditional Georgian methods dating back thousands of years, fermenting and aging wine in qvevri.The winery harvests...

  • Bichi, Pet Mex
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    Bichi, Pet Mex


    2019 Unknown Varietals Pet Mex comes from a single, dry-farmed, and own-rooted vineyard comprised of amysterious grape variety that remains unidentified. The vines are planted close to the Pacific Ocean in the area of San Antonio de las Minas in...

  • Bichi, Rosa
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    Bichi, Rosa


    2019DolcettoRosa comes from a dry-farmed 20ha vineyard comprised of a mysterious grape variety that remains unidentified. The farmer says it could be Dolcetto, the Téllez family thinks maybe Cariñena due to it's sharp acidity, no one is quite sure and...

  • Co Cellers, Pretty in Pink
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    Co Cellers, Pretty in Pink


      Organic Valdiguié Skins - Broc Cellars, CAForaged Wild Apples - Yoder Farm, VTNew England Apples - Box Mill Farm, MA Like our favorite John Hughes characters - all we want is never ending summer, a hot homecoming date, and a couple wine...