• Šumenjak, Alter
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    Šumenjak, Alter


    2018Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris"Šumenjak farm is a family estate in Jakobski dol, 17 km from Maribor. We process 14 ha of land, in addition to viticulture, which is our main activity, we also deal with beekeeping, spirits, and breeding of...

  • Keltis, Pinot Gris
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    Keltis, Pinot Gris


    2015 Pinot Gris Hues of pale red as a consequence of 4 weeks of maceration. Nose receives an elegant balance of red fruits and a hint of wooden bouquet. Taste is rounded, medium strong, with herbal and fruity notes. Carries enough boost to support a...

  • Movia, Brda Sauvignon
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    Movia, Brda Sauvignon


    2017 Sauvignon blanc Late grape harvesting, hand-picked with a short period between the picking and fermentation (max. 2 hours). Beginning of fermentation in large fermentation tanks with natural yeast picked out from the same grapes harvested during...

  • Movia, Brda Rebula
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    Movia, Brda Rebula


    2017 Ribolla Gialla Ribolla has an inviting golden to amber colour, which speaks of longer skin contact. Nose is amazingly rich for Ribolla, with gooseberries and blackcurrants dominating over gentle piny and fine oaky notes. Very dry, medium bodied with...