• Odfjell, Armador Carménère
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    Odfjell, Armador Carménère


    Vintage: 2020 Varietals: Carménère Farming: Sustainable Here’s a beautiful Carménère that shows what the grape can do when it achieves full ripeness, without retaining any of the vegetal aromas. A cornucopia of...

  • Antiyal
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    Vintage: 2017 Grape Varietals: 49% Carmenere, 36% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah Farming: Organic, Biodynamic, This blend seeks to find the right balance between its different grapes to show the characteristics that make Maipo a world-class Valley for...

  • Antiyal, Carmenere
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    Antiyal, Carmenere


    Vintage: 2019 Varietals: Carmenere Farming: Organic/Biodynamic The wine has great depth and fine grained tannins, the aim being to bring the purest and most honest expression of this emblematic grape and showcase the noble volcanic soils of the Maipo...