• Kurosawa, Nigori Sake 720mL
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    Kurosawa, Nigori Sake 720mL


    Vintage: NV Varietals: Rice Region: Kanto The light-to-medium body delivers a splash of fruit flavors. Because it’s unfiltered it has an opaque, creamy color and thicker texture, which help it pair easily with spicy, savory, and intensely...

  • Kurosawa, Junmai Kimoto 720mL
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    Kurosawa, Junmai Kimoto 720mL


    Vintage: NV Varietals: Rice Region: Nagano Rustic flavor profile of black walnuts and cacao nibs. Serving chilled will keep the sake lean and acidic, gently heating to 100F or more will bring out sweetness and chocolate notes.  Made in the...