• Kurosawa, Nigori Sake
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    Kurosawa, Nigori Sake


    Nigori (‘cloudy’) style sake is meant to remind you of trying raw sake straight from the tank. Retains rice in the liquid for texture and a pleasant sweetness. Locally grown Nagano rice milled to 70%.

  • Nagai Shuzo, Mizubasho Ginjo
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    Nagai Shuzo, Mizubasho Ginjo


      Yamada Nishiki Rice Mizubasho Ginjo makes an excellent case for the elegance a touch of distilled alcohol can bring to sake. In this case it gives a silken texture and bit of weight to an already clean and laser-focused sake. Beautiful pairing...

  • Kurosawa, Junmai Kimoto Sake
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    Kurosawa, Junmai Kimoto Sake


    Earthy and nutty with a terrific sharp acidity from the kimoto method, this is a classic Kimoto Junmai.A terrifically dynamic food sake, excellent chilled or warm, and able to pair with a range of cuisine but particularly good with heartier fare.Locally...