• Bencze, Kéknyelű
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    Bencze, Kéknyelű


    Vintage: 2020 Farming: Organic, Biodynamic Grape Varietal: Kéknyelű The "Keknyelu" grape is a local grape variety found only around the Badacsony region of Lake Balaton. It is a rare species that requires a lot of work in the field...

  • Bencze, Hárslevelű
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    Bencze, Hárslevelű


    Vintage: 2020 Grape Varietal: Hárslevelű Farming: Organic, Biodynamic Laser-sharp acidity surrounded by lush fruit notes. Winemaking: The grapes were carefully hand-harvested and sorted, then pressed as whole clusters. Fermented and aged in...