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    Oltretorrente Bianco Colli Tortonesi


    2019Cortese, Timorasso, Favorita, Moscato Giallo, and MoscatoSourced from all of the estate's parcels, as each plot has at least some white grapes in it. Vineyards were planted between 1959 and 1999 at 6,000 plants/ha. In 2018, the blend is essentially...

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    Guttarolo Carsia


    2019Verdeca Cristiano Guttarolo makes wines unlike anyone else in Puglia. His vineyards, planted around 450 metres above sea level are planted on a plateau set within limestone and teem with life. This one, made from local grape Verdeca is lean, clean...

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    Colutta Friuli Bianco Amabilez


    The Colutta Agricultural Company purchased by Antonio Colutta in the early twentieth century, is now run by Giorgio Colutta, the third generation.   The company produces high quality wines in the Buttrio, Manzano and Rosazzo vineyards, all...

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    Marabino, Muscatedda Moscato di Noto


    2019 Moscato di Noto Noto, Baroque, nature, wine... this is the essence of Marabino, situated in the south-east of Sicily, in the Buonivini district in the heart of Noto valley, on a latitude south of Tunis. Our vinyards extend over thirty hectares and...

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    Casa Belfi, Bianco Anfora


    Maurizio Donati of Casa Belfi is a biodynamic farmer and scrupulously natural winemaker going starkly against the norm of typical Prosecco. Located in Valdobiaddene, Donati works by the biodynamic calendar and uses biodynamic preparations to ensure the...

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    Lammidia, Frekt Abruzzo Vino Bianco


    Amber/tangerine in colour with engaging aromas of grilled lemon, sweet summer hay, wildflowers, ginger and a nip of funk. Citrus driven, with lemon, orange blossom, a trace of bergamot topped with sea salt and a drizzle of honey. Bright acidity glosses...

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    Occhipinti SP68 Bianco


    A blend of Albanello (a variety indigenous to the area) and Zibbibo (aka Muscat of Alexandria)... supply your own "from A to Z" joke here.  Fermented dry, with gorgeous, floral complexity supplied by the Zibbibo and subtlr structure from the...

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    Cantina dell'Angelo Torrefavale


    Angelo Muto’s flagship parcel is in fact situated directly atop an abandoned sulfur mine, on a very steep slope at high altitude. The vineyards are worked entirely by hand, as much a result of the significant grade as it is Angelo’s...

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    Le Coste Bianco


    Le Coste is a project that "started from zero" in 2004 by Gianmarco Antonuzzi and Clementine Bouveron.    14 hectacres of "ecosystem", of vineyards, olive groves, chestnut trees, shrubs and oaks. Vineyards sit in close proximity to Lake Bolsena...

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    Vallevò, Cococciola


    Cococciola is as fun to say as it is to drink!  Cococciola an indigenous vine varietals, coming from selected vineyards on Frentana hills using the Abruzzo pergola technique. Achieved with controlled fermentation on early harvested grapes to better...