• Swick Wines, Piquette 4.0
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    Swick Wines, Piquette 4.0


    2020Pinot GrisAfter pressing the grapes for the given wine, the leftover skins were rehydrated with water, which brings out any sugars left in the pomace. After letting them soak a bit, the rehydrated pomace is pressed again for a second time and treated...

  • Swick Wines, Albariño
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    Swick Wines, Albariño


    2020AlbariñoGrapes are hand-harvested and destemmed. The wine ferments on skins for 30 days. Foot stomped 1-2 times daily. Gently pressed and then rests until spring. Bottled unfiltered, lightly sulfured.  Organic

  • Swick Wines Only Zuul
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    Swick Wines Only Zuul


    Ripe plum on the nose, grapefruit on the palate. Balance, structure, gorgeous color. This wine was co-fermented as whole clusters in open top fermenters. The wine was on the skins for about a month and then aged in neutral barrel. There is lychee,...