• Disciple, 'Lightning Bug'
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    Disciple, 'Lightning Bug'


    Vintage: 2020 Varietals: La Crescent Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, No to Low added SO2 Salty lemonade/limeade with super aromatic, hibiscus finish. Mid palette notes of clementine and grapefruit pith and green olives. Overall, If zesty margaritas were...

  • Ruth Lewandowski, 'Chilion'
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    Ruth Lewandowski, 'Chilion'


    Vintage: 2020 Grape Varietal: Cortese Farming: Organic Chilion is a chance for all to see just how incredibly complex this variety is...due mainly to the extended maceration on skins which provide amplified spice, herbs, and phenolics than we're all...

  • Day Wines, Vin de Days L'Orange
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    Day Wines, Vin de Days L'Orange


    Vintage: 2022 Varietals: Müller Thurgau (36%), Gewürztraminer (33%), Riesling (24%), and Pinot gris (7%) Farming: Organic, Low added SO2 Expressive with notes of Navel orange pulp and skin, dried mango, fresh rose, kumquat, and...

  • Day Wines, Tears Of Vulcan
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    Day Wines, Tears Of Vulcan


    Vintage: 2021  Grape Varietals: 49% Viognier, 43% Pinot gris and 8% Muscat Farming: Organic This wine elicits endless depth and character. Grapefruit pithy texture and juicy cider apples are complimented by notes of fennel, flora and dried herbs...