• Piri Naturel, Landwein Riesling
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    Piri Naturel, Landwein Riesling


    2019RieslingGrapes are hand harvested, and left as whole bunches, half in small used barrels and half in stainless steel. The bunches are foot stomped and then gently pressed. Fermentation completes slowly over 6 or so months without temperature control...

  • Andi Weigand, Franken Silvaner
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    Andi Weigand, Franken Silvaner


    2019 Silvaner Andi describes this Silvaner as "oldschool": picked by hand, stamped with feet and after four days, skin-contact was developed in the wood. This interesting interpretation by Silvaner shows how versatile this Franconian grape variety is...

  • 2Naturkinder, Heimat Silvaner
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    2Naturkinder, Heimat Silvaner


    Lively, unique and authentic orange wine. Vines are about 30 years old and have been farmed organically for 20 years. The destemmed grapes always ferment quick being pumped up with nutrition and surrounded by diverse wild yeast populations. In 2017...