• Vinas Mora, Kaamen II
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    Vinas Mora, Kaamen II


    Vintage: 2020 Varietals: Babić Farming: Organic A wine made from 80-100-year-old Babić vines. I'd say this is a bit of a unicorn wine; due to the age of the vines, the yields are very low. But oh-boy, whatever juice they do muster is highly...

  • Zlatan, Bilo Idro Plavac
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    Zlatan, Bilo Idro Plavac


    Vintage: 2020 Varietals: Plavac Mali Farming: Organic This 100% Plavac is a touch lighter in body than other Plavac, but still very much stylistically a Zlatan Plavac! A bright and fresher Plavac with notes of dark red cherry, baby blueberries, subtle...

  • Vinas Mora, Andreis
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    Vinas Mora, Andreis


    Vintage: 2020 Varietals: Babić Farming: Organic, Unfined/Unfiltered, Low added SO2 A clean and precise expression of the organic Babić fruit, with dark cherry, blackcurrant and a gentle hint of warm spice. Imagine a full bodied tannic grape done in a...

  • Podrum Franjo, 'Muz'
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    Podrum Franjo, 'Muz'


    Vintage: 2019 Varietals: Blaüer Kolner, Blaufränkisch, Pinot Gris Farming: Organic, Unfined/Unfiltered, No added SO2 This wine is glou glou delicious! The light and vibrant body is full of bright red fruit. This is a bottle that is so...