Czech Republic

  • Milan Nestarec, Moje
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    Milan Nestarec, Moje


    NVRiesling“Moje” means My or Mine in Czech, and I stand behind it 300%. Pronounced [mō-yeh] although I like the idea of hearing it sound like “mojo” because this wine surely has one. Arguably one of the best wines I’ve ever...

  • Milan Nestarec, Veltlin
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    Milan Nestarec, Veltlin


    NVGruner VeltlinerMilan’s first non-vintage wine and a tribute to the Gruner Veltliner grape that thrives on their loess soils. A 2018 and 2019 “solera” from Velke Bilovice in Moravia, a concept made to last into the future, as its...

  • Milan Nestarec, I Am Not A Big Wine
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    Milan Nestarec, I Am Not A Big Wine


    2017 Riesling, Chardonnay and some mysterious local grapes I am not a big wine from Nestarec is a summery white wine. Made from Riesling, Chardonnay and some mysterious local grapes, it has a citrusy nose and pineapple notes. Freshness, minerality and...

  • Porta Bohemica, Charpin
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    Porta Bohemica, Charpin


    Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested, pressed and fermented in 600 liter fiberglass tanks for about 2 weeks without temperature control. The wine is moved to 225 liter used wooden barrels for about 12 months of elevage. The wine is bottled...

  • Milan Nestarec, Youngster White
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    Milan Nestarec, Youngster White


    Vinification Notes: The grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed. The juice ferments in 2000-liter stainless steel tanks. The wine ferments for about 2 months, with occasional piegeage and indigenous yeast fermentation. Elevage takes place in the same...