Sistemi Vinari, Mallorca Cold Drink

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Vintage: 2018

Grape Varietal: Premsal Blanc

Farming: Organic, low SO2 added

Aloha from Majorca! 

The first white wine we've received from Eloi at Chateau Paquita. Like the winemaker, this one is a bit enigmatic and we don't have much info. It's fresh and zippy though. 

The most important dietary advice is that your Mediterranean diet should be supplemented with orange wine from Sistema Vinari, Eloi Cedó Perelló from 4Kilo's own small winery. 

Eloi’s wines have an uncanny sense of place. Though their heady flavours of sunkissed fruit, bitter herbs and sweet sea breeze transport you straight to the island, they are delicate, nuanced and incredibly light on their feet.