Can Majoral, Mallorca Callet

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Vintage: 2016

Varietals: Callet

Farming: Organic

Due to its characteristics and aging in oak, this wine evolves significantly when stored under appropriate conditions, developing new nuances, finesse and aromatic potential. It has a ripe cherry color with violet reflections. In the nose there is subtle appearance of floral and dry leaves, also good mature fruit, like figs and presence of dairy (toffee) and toast aroma. In the mouth, it has a soft entry with volume, balanced and fleshy palate (slightly acidic) with soft tannins and a good aftertaste.

After a careful grape selection fermentation and maceration take place in open top oak barrels during 2 weeks at 25°C. The malolactic fermentation was carried out in barrels. This wine has not been cold stabilized; therefore, it may present some tartaric precipitation. 12 months in French oak.