Myris, Nutmeg Liqueur

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Single origin nutmeg fruit is sourced from Zanzibar and it is dried to preserve the bright citric flavors it possesses. Along with the Zanzibari nutmeg fruit, nutmeg seed and mace from Indonesia are transported to our distillery partner in the North Fork of Long Island, New York. These botanicals are then macerated (rested) in a non-GMO alcohol solution for 48 hours to extract every bit of flavor and aroma possible. The macerate is then poured into a copper still, which is then heated and distilled under watchful eyes for around 8 hours. The essence of Nutmeg is harnessed here. Once the final cut of the distillate is made, it rests in glass demijohns for a period of two weeks. The distillate is “proofed” with water and alcohol. Finally, it is sweetened with a shelf stable sugar and bottled.