Partida Creus, Catalunya CX Ancestral - 1.5L

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Vintage: 2019


Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, Unfined/Unfiltered, No added SO2

Earthy, galangal tones with layers of spice. The nose invites, the palate offers a journey. There’s energy, a key feature of all wines in this release. Distinctly characteristic of Cartoixa with its warming spice. Pink grapefruit comes in with time. A contemplative joy that lingers long.

Vintage 2020 had its challenges in Penedes, yields were down by 25% and mildew created issues in some parcels. As such there were no Ancestral’s produced by Partida Creus in 2020. Resultantly, the 2019’s were held a little longer in the cellar, 12 months before disgorgement.