Nebraie, 'MEC L'È'

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Vintage: 2019

Varietals: Timorasso

Farming: Organic

This is an atypical natural sparkling wine, filled with zest, lightness, and a harmonious blend of citrus and fruit notes. The bubbles are fine yet not very persistent, and the wine presents a cloudy yellow hue. On the nose, experience a bouquet of zesty citrus, succulent stone fruit, and subtle earthy notes. Your palate will be graced with good complexity – notes of orange, invigorating orange zest, luscious peach, and a hint of salt dominate. The finish is clean and satisfying, leaving a refreshing aftertaste.

This is a 100% Timorasso sparkling wine with refermentation facilitated by wine must. The must is conservd in refrigerated tanks until Andrea is ready to combine it with the wine for refermentation.