Matchbook Distilling Co., Day Trip Blueberry Amaro

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The story of Day Trip begins with the Mattituck Lions Strawberry Festival - a local carnival devoted to all things strawberry. One year, some 2 tons of strawberries were somehow leftover and, it seemed, destined for the compost pile. Joey, a Mattituck Lion and the manager of his family’s vineyard, rescued the strawberries and brought Matchbook a big tote of strawberry wine. They distilled 100 gallons into a strawberry eau de vie and added it back into the wine with a whole mess of vibrant botanicals. Nettle, quassia, jasmine, rose, nutmeg fruit… leaving that to macerate for a few months before filtering, sweetening and bottling.  This is a delicious low-abv sipper, or incredible substitute for aperol cocktails that scream summer.