Martin & Anna Arndorfer, 'Anina Verde'

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Vintage: 2021 

Grape Varietal: Grüner Veltliner,

Farming: Organic, Unfined/Unfiltered

Riesling Fresh and elegant, full and agile with spice and earth notes, persistent on the long finish. Grüner Veltliner fermented on Riesling skins for ten days to gain more fruit expression and complexity. (To underline the labor-intensive quality of the way this wine is made: after the Riesling grapes are pressed whole-cluster, the Arndorfers take the pressed bunches out and separate the skins from the stems by hand.) Aged for four months in 2/3 stainless steel and 1/3 in used French oak barrels. 8 mg/l SO2 added before bottling. Unfined, unfiltered, and handled by gravity.