Marabino, Muscatedda Moscato di Noto

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2019 Moscato di Noto Noto, Baroque, nature, wine... this is the essence of Marabino, situated in the south-east of Sicily, in the Buonivini district in the heart of Noto valley, on a latitude south of Tunis. Our vinyards extend over thirty hectares and are situated on low hills, enjoying a mild microclimate from Autumn to Spring. In Summer the climate is arrid and hot with average temperatures reaching some of the highest on the island. This is the territory that boasts of being the sunniest in Europe, with a sky that is always clear and bright.  Marabino uses biodynamic agriculture to cultivate its orchards, olive groves and vinyards, and all our wines are produced from our grapes. The well-ripened grapes, are selected and harvested by hand, they ferment spontaneously with indigenous yeasts