Limited Addition, 'Of Service' Pinot Gris

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Vintage: 2022

Varietals: Pinot Gris

Farming: Organic/Biodynamic 

The grapes and labor behind this wine are donated, and proceeds from this wine are donated to orgs supporting women in agriculture. 

It is a wildly spiced grape that holds so much of its spice and exotic flavors in its skins that we felt compelled in 2021 to work with this variety the way we work with Pinot noir, gentle extraction and full fermentation on the skins to alcoholic dryness. This is the Eyrie selection of Pinot gris and, it is undoubtedly unique in its flavor expressions, both exotic in its savory fruits of persimmon, car acara orange, and salted mango and spiced with cumin and sumac. It is neither a red wine nor what I would typically call an orange wine (white grape skin ferments) but utterly its own unique self and completely captivating.

7 days on the skins