Lapati Chacalix Rkatsiteli

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Two Frenchmen Vincent Jullien and Guillaume Gouerou met in Georgia and started their winery in 2015. Vincent, originally from Beaujolais, introduced many of the great winemakers in Georgia how to make Pet Nats and carbonic macerations. Guillaume, an artist, is resposible for these fun labels and a lot of back breaking work with Vincent in the winery. Carbonic Maceration of Rkatsiteli grapes

Pheasant's Tears Kisi

Pheasant's Tears Kisi


2019KisiStarted by John Wurdeman and Gela Patalishvili in 2007, one of the larger natural wineries in Georgia. These grapes are sourced from their vineyards in the village of Tibaani in the Kakheti...