Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Posted by Stephan Lublin on January 04 2021 6:41pm

Happy New Year! We’ve finally made it! Here at The Natural Wine Company we could not be more excited about the fresh start of 2021, but before gazing too far ahead, let’s just take a quick look back at 2020 for a recap.

When Covid 19 struck NYC, no one could have foreseen the damage it would take on our health, local businesses, the restaurant industry, hospitals, travel, and more. For the retail wine and spirits industry, we were lucky enough to be spared for the most part, as with little to do but stay at home, we all seemed to find some comfort in the calming aspects of a glass of wine or cocktail while in quarantine.

Here at the NWC, we were fortunate to be able to remain open safely without a day’s closure. During this time we decided to expand our shipping services to better supply those around the country with natural wine and spirits. We also doubled our inventory of wine, and greatly expanded our spirits selection with boutique, small productions liquors, along with rare and hard to come by items. Additionally, in November we launched our brand new wine subscription boxes for the adventurous wine enthusiasts who want to be surprised with a curated selection of either six or twelve bottles sent monthly, at a 10% savings. And finally, we added some new members to our staff, who are friendly, knowledgeable, and have been extremely hardworking during this pandemic. Those who have met them in person, or have spoken to them over the phone, will certainly attest to this.

In closing, we want to thank everyone who has shopped with, and supported, us during these uncertain times - it means everything and we really do love our customers. As we look forward to what’s to come in 2021, we promise to continue providing an exciting and eclectic selection of natural wines and spirits, and to offer the best and most knowledgeable customer service we can. Thank you and cheers!

The Natural Wine Company