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The estate was founded in 1994. Today they farm 12 hectares, spread around. Franco grows some Chardonnay and Merlot close to his house, the Ribolla Gialla is just up the road, across the Slovenian border. Tasting in Terpin’s cool cellar, my favorite wines of this visit are the Jakot Friulano, a honey-scented rich white aged in botte sized barrel, the comparatively clean and light Sauvignon and the Sialis white blend with its amazing orange-pink color. The Cabernet is great, too, a very faintly herby subtle medium-weight red with the right kind of tannin.

Orange Ribolla Gialla right from the italian-slovenian border. A well balanced natural wine to start a friday night!

Native yeast fermented, un fined, un filtered, no sulfur added. Biodynamic, vegan.


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