Paolo Bea "Lapideus" Umbria Bianco

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Vintage: 2018

Varietals: Trebbiano Spoletino

Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, Unfined/Unfiltered, No added SO2

“Lapideus” has a leaner, racier carriage than the broad-shouldered “Arboreus,” with a more precise sense of acidity; it emphasizes drive over density, with an underlying salinity. Subtle notes of honeyed sweetness at the wine’s core speaks of its warm-climate origins, and Bea’s propensity for wildness reveals itself in a fascinating cheese-rind whisper in its aromatics.

After crushing and destemming, wine ferments spontaneously in stainless-steel tanks, spending at least 2 weeks on skins. Time on lees 24 months. Malolactic Fermentation: spontaneous in tank following alcoholic fermentation. 24 months in stainless steel tanks. Unfined/unfiltered. No added SO2. 

1,800 bottles produced.