Le Sot de l'Ange, 'Sotisse'

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Super fun and bright, wild straberry and Grolleau’s savory herbaceous note keeps the wine dry and inviting. Sottise is made from young Grolleau vines on Argille Silex. Fermented in cement and stainless steel tanks. Finished in bottle then disgorged. The work in his own vineyards is respectful of the earth it's grown on, and what happens in the cellar is unobtrusive to the point where it's impossible to categorize a style of the wines other than "just damn good". Well priced, super clean sans souffre (or just a little SO2 in the case of the Chenin), biodynamic wine, made by a new winemaker that we believe will be one to watch in the years to come. Vintage: NV Varietals: Gamay & Gamay Noir Farming: Organic