Kabaj, San Lurinz 'HYDRA,' pet nat

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Easy, irresistible, and interesting! Tropical fruits on the nose, a dry palate, and lively bubbles - a beautifully clean finish. Fun, raw, cool pet-nat vibes.
"Our wines represent our home and mostly ourselves. The followed philoposophy is very simple, producing wines based on our taste in order to even present them to others, mostly focusing the attention on nature, vineyards and soil. All types of wine age in French barrels for at least a year, followed by months of ageing in bottles, where the wine elaborate its taste."

Neu Cellars, Crush

Neu Cellars, Crush


2020100% Pinot MeunierIn early October, the Pinot Meunier was hand-harvested, lightly foot trod and pressed with stems into neutral oak barrel. It completed primary fermentation in 4 weeks (native...