Kabaj, Goriška Brda Sivi Pinot

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Vintage: 2017

Varietals: Pinot Grigio

Region: Goriška brda

Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, No added SO2

Excellent, refined sophisticated wine that's unassuming. Sexy rust orange color with peach yoghurt on the palate and just enough citrus for an elegant balance for a refined orange wine

It is aged for two weeks on the skins and then for 24 months in neutral barrels before bottling. Since Pinot Gris is a naturally pink colored grape it has a light rose hue that adds to the already fascinating and inviting flavor profile. It is in the “orange” category of wines but is an easy entry point as the wine is not as intensely powerful as the Rebula or similarly styled skin-contact wines. No added SO2.