Frantz Saumon, "La Boutanche" Rosé

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Vintage: 2020

Varietals: Gamay and Côt

Farming: Organic, Low added SO2

A glou-glou-but-with-gravitas rosé! Candied red summer fruits on the nose watermelon-realness in the glass! Refreshing and zesty! Pairs well with sun and friends!

Minimal sulfur added at bottling only. Stainless steel fermentation.

Papras Bio Wines, Tyrnavos Pleiades

Papras Bio Wines, Tyrnavos Pleiades


Vintage: 2021 Varietals: Roditis Farming: Organic, Unfined/Unfiltered, Low added SO2 Bronze color, with citrusy and mineral notes, and a salty and dusty palate. Has a big salty side, slightly...