Denavolo Dinavolino

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Malvasia di Candia, Ortrugo, and Marsanne
An "orange wine", which is a white wine fermented with the grape skins like a red, and it's one of our favorites.  Made by La Stoppa's winemaker, Giulio Armani, this blend comes from 28-year old vines grown in Giulio's beautiful calcareous soils. The wine unfolds with sage and orange peel on the nose, followed by stone fruits and a hint of toffee, ending with a fine balance of tannins, acidity and a hint of dried herbs.  The finish last for several minutes past the first sip!

Strekov, Heion

Strekov, Heion


This is Crazy stuff, but very enjoyable orange wine. Of course this is real good just after opening but After 24 hours open, this macerated Slovakian Rizling is showing really nicely, with luscious...