2Naturkinder, Spätburgunder

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Remarkably easy to drink wine. This is unfiltered but has a nice red color. Not that strong on the nose tough. On the palate it is more towards unripe fruits and vegetables. It has a spicy image on the end. Has medium acidity with medium tannins. You will have very interesting experience. The wine fermented reliably within 10 days from juice to wine. Due to the lower (potential) alcohol we were a bit more careful with the stems to not overload it with tannins. It was just enough wine to fill an old 1,400l barrel where this Spätburgunder was aging without racking until March 2019 when it was bottled. Vintage: 2017 Varietals: Spätburgunder Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, Low/no added sulfites