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The “Autentisté” group is the name for natural winemakers in the Czech Republic. This movement was started by winemaker/ Prague winebar owner Bogdan Trojak in the late 2000’s. The Autentisté manifesto, similar to that of other natural winemakers, states: “According to Authentic Winegrowers, genuine wine should be true drink acquired only from grapes, without excess technological intervention and additives – selected yeast, enzymes, tannins or clarifiers. In vineyards, they comply with rules valid for bio-production. Authentic Winegrowers perceive their work as a mission. It is not a business only – it is important that someone preserves the taste of traditional wines and ensures actual terroir thanks to gentle procedures.”

Most of the wineries are in Moravia, where grapes have traditionally been planted in the Czech Republic, with some in Bohemia, and a few added more recently from Slovakia.

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