Czech Republic

  • Dluhe Grefty, Alba Terra
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    Dluhe Grefty, Alba Terra


    Dluhe grefty (Dluhe – long, greft – a word from an old dialect in Mutěnice; it means “long vineyard rows.” Jaroslav Tesařik and his family are taking care of 1.5 hectare in Mutenice. The mission is to find the terroir of Mutenice...

  • Milan Nestarec "Fork & Knife" White
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    Milan Nestarec "Fork & Knife" White


    Neuburger Milan Nestarec works 8 hectares of vineyards spread over two municipalities in Moravia. He believes that gentle methods make the best wines, so all of his vines are completely organic and natural methods prevail in the cellar as well: native...

  • Milan Nestarec GinTonic
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    Milan Nestarec GinTonic


    The grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed. The juice ferments in 600-liter 3-year-old wooden barrels. The wine ferments for about 3 weeks,  indigenous yeast fermentation. Fermentation completes after about 3 months and the wine is left in the same...

  • Milan Nestarec, I Am Not A Big Wine
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    Milan Nestarec, I Am Not A Big Wine


    2017 Riesling, Chardonnay and some mysterious local grapes I am not a big wine from Nestarec is a summery white wine. Made from Riesling, Chardonnay and some mysterious local grapes, it has a citrusy nose and pineapple notes. Freshness, minerality and...

  • Porta Bohemica, Charpin
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    Porta Bohemica, Charpin


    Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested, pressed and fermented in 600 liter fiberglass tanks for about 2 weeks without temperature control. The wine is moved to 225 liter used wooden barrels for about 12 months of elevage. The wine is bottled...