St. Reginald Parish, Bachelor Willamette Valley

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Whole cluster Pinot Gris that underwent a carbonic Maceration for 30 days, followed by 11 months in barrel. Was originally intended to be a part of the Disco Nap program, but was saved back due to its uniqueness and bottled by hand as a single barrel selection.

Tastes of blood oranges, smoked citrus pith, slightly dried doug fir needles and palo santo.

Vintage: 2018

Varietals: Pinot Gris

Farming: Organic

Vinos Ambiz Airene

Vinos Ambiz Airene


A light, tasty citric orange wine. This wine is totally pure, with nothing added or nothing removed, made with grapes from vines never touched by pesticides. Vintage: 2018 Varietals:...