• Utopia, Blažena
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    Utopia, Blažena


    They work with Czech heritage apple varieties from several sources of up to 80 year old trees that offer a very diverse array of apples (55 different varieties in 2017!) of very high quality.  All of the Utopia cider is fermented only with...

  • Fruktstereo , Desencidré
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    Fruktstereo , Desencidré


    Ingredients: Aroma apples, Sloe berries(2,5%),Pinot noir(0,5%), Beetroot(0,25%) Maceration: 2-5 hours for the apples, 6 weeks for the berries Additives: None Residual Sugar: 5 grams/liter A tribute to all the fantastic pride festivals all around...

  • Fruktstereo , Plumenian Rhapsody
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    Fruktstereo , Plumenian Rhapsody


    Ingredients: 75% Apples and 25% Plums from Dalby and a little Swedish red wine from Rondo from 2016. Maceration: Long Residual Sugar: 2 grams/liter or maybe a bit more Small plums in all different shapes and colors from the wild orchard in Dalby...

  • Metal House Cider, Disco Nat
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    Metal House Cider, Disco Nat


    2019   Early into 2019 harvest, the wild Dolgo crabapples we picked in the Catskills were fermenting in demijohns next to wild ‘disco’ pears. We bottled mid-fermentation, blending with a 2018 wild ferment of sustainably grown Cortland...

  • Cyril Zangs, Brut Cider
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    Cyril Zangs, Brut Cider


    Cyril Zangs is working with apples grown organically and picked by hand in late October to early November. He is working with a huge variety of apples, including some that haven't been identified yet. Zangs tells us the idea is to have apples that are...

  • Cyril Zangs, Ciderman (330mL)
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    Cyril Zangs, Ciderman (330mL)


    Cyril's classic Brut, but in smaller bottles! An assemblage of 69 varieties of cider apples coming from different orchards around Glos, in the Calvados department. Slightly filtered, but no SO2 added. Varietal: Apple Farming: Organic

  • Barrika Basque Country Cider
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    Barrika Basque Country Cider


    The drink of the choice at the Basque country, and it is not difficult to imagine why it is so once you have a taste of it! Drink it in smaller pours and try it the Asturian way! The drink will foam up nicely to give it a much desired creamy texture...