Neu Cellars, Apple Grape Wine

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Vintage: NV

Varietals: 85% Organic Michigan Apples (34% Gala, 34% Crimson Crisp, 17% Liberty), 15% 2020 Neu Crispy wine

Farming: Organic, Unfined/Unfiltered, No added SO2

In Spring 2021, a small amount of 2020 Crispy was transferred to a partially full neutral oak barrel. It was allowed to age with adequate headspace until October 2021, when it was topped with freshly pressed, organic Michigan apples. It completed primary fermentation in 2 weeks. The apple-grape wine was aged for 6 months on the gross lees in neutral oak before it was racked and bottled at the end of April 2022. Unfined, unfiltered, unsulfured.

Pomalo, Grasevina

Pomalo, Grasevina


Vintage: 2021 Varietals: Grasevina (aka Welschriesling) Farming: Organic Distinct aromas of Slavonia, like a late summer fruit basked opened in a pine forest. Aromas of funky spiced...