Malaparte, Nomadas Garnacha Tintorera

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Vintage: 2019

Varietals: Garnacha Tintorera

Region: Castilla y León, Spain

Farming: Organic 

Dark and brooding fruit on the nose with support from baking spice and smokey notes. This lower than expected tannic red really delivers in flavor and well integrated acidity. Lingering iron notes and dense sensibility.

This is an ever changing special limited-edition wine project and its’ name Uvas Nomadas literally translates in “Gipsy Grapes”. Garnacha Tintorera (often called Alicante Bouschet) is a cross between Garnacha and Petit Bouschet. This variety is marked by the dark coloured pulp and it is included in the family of teinturier grapes of Vitis vinifera species, meaning its skin is red (almost black) and the flesh is also red.