Kikelet Pince, Tokaji Hárslevelű Birtok

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Stéphanie Berecz is a winemaker from the Loire and Bordeaux who came to Hungary for a three month stint with Tokaj, but fell in love with the region and her future husband, Zsolt. She stayed, and they founded the Kikelet Pince estate near the town of Tokaj, where Stéphanie makes her wines in a light, fresh Loire style. Floral and bone-dry with a racy crispness, bright, limey acidity and crushed rock. Organic

Papras Bio Wines, Pleiades

Papras Bio Wines, Pleiades


2020 Roditis Bronze color, with citrusy and mineral notes, and a salty and dusty palate. Has a big salty side, slightly sour, fresh citrus. Want on beach cliffs or in the park Apple cider vinegar,...