Cacique Maravilla, Pipeño Pais Secano Interior Yumbel

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Pipeno is an endearing term for a local, unpretentious ‘peasant’ wine, typically made from Pais, an obscure, under-appreciated, forgotten grape of vague Spanish descent.,The volcanic vineyards of Cacique Maravilla have been dry farmed organically for 7 generations. Handpicked, de-stemmed and fermented in open rauli barrels with native yeasts and without temperature control, the wine is then transferred to Ecotanks and settled twice via natural, gravity filtration. It’s light-bodied, fresh and funky with bright red berry flavors, crisp acidity and lower in tannin with flinty, earthy notes. Pairs perfectly with grilled longanizas, the local take on chorizo, roasted root veggies, or a classic Reuben! Not bad for a liter of ‘swill’! Organic