Bojo do Luar, Brut Pét-Nat 'Luiza' Rosé

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Vintage: 2021

Varietals: 80% Espadeiro and 20% Loureiro

Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, Unfined/Unfiltered, Low added SO2

A fun and flirty sparkling rosé that you will take no pondering to enjoy! Easy drinking with well balanced acidity and red fruits. It has the acidity of 'Lou 38' and the candied red fruits of 'Doralice' with just a kiss of grip.

Upon arrival, the grapes were destemmed and moved into "ta/has" (100-year-old, 1.l00L amphoras) and stumped by foot. To each amphora, 1kg of ground chestnut flowers was added and immediately mixed into the mass. The fermentation of the Espadeiro started spontaneously after three days and continued slowly for three weeks. Before it was completed, with around 18g/l of residual sugar left, the mass was pressed, blended with 20% of the Loureiro (Lou 38) and bottled, unfiltered with S02 added at bottling (30ppm).