Antiyal, Pura Fe Garnacha Syrah Valle del Maipo

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Vintage: 2017

Varietals: 70% Garnacha and 30% Syrah

Farming: Organic/Biodynamic

Antiyal was founded in 1996 by Alvaro Espinoza and family. It is us here now– the family, writing this website and we shall be maintaining the harvest blog ourselves as well. Often referred to as the original ‘Garage Winery’ in Chile, today Antiyal has grown into a modest but personably sized winery that maintains a strict focus on quality. Antiyal is a Mapuche (native Chilean) word that means “sons of the sun”. We practice organic and biodynamic agricultural as a means to seek truer flavours from the earths that surround us in the Maipo Valley. Bright and energetic acidity, reveals juicy notes of fresh fruit, nuances of oak wood, bringing hints of smoked hints to the bouquet. 

Il Farneto  Berzmein

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