Ancarani, 'Round Trip' Andata e Ritorno

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Vintage: 2020

Varietals: Albana, Famoso, Pignoletto


Straight and even orange. Simple and straightforward, yet neatly folded. The balance is excellent, nothing sticks out, apricot pits and white dried flower dominate.

The vinification takes place in a natural way, the must remains for a few days in contact with the skins from 3 to 7 days, then it is bottled proceeding with the second fermentation.

Korab Lemonade 2020

Korab Lemonade 2020


2020 - Welschriesling Slight creamy, lemonade-like feel, as the name suggests alongside mild floral touches. Yellow gusher and fruit come to mind when taking a wiff. Quenchable acidity keep this...