• Jean-Marc Dreyer, "Finisterra"
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    Jean-Marc Dreyer, "Finisterra"


    Vintage: 2019 Varietals: Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Muscat d’Alsace and Auxerrois Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, Unfined/Unfiltered, No Added SO2 Exotic orange, lychee, passion fruit, white flowers, yellow rose, ginger, and beeswax aroma...

  • Domaine Gross Mittelweg Muscat
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    Domaine Gross Mittelweg Muscat


    Vintage: 2019 Varietals: Muscat Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, No Added SO2, Unfined/Unfiltered The mouth is very dry, with white pepper and herbs. Plenty of muscat fruit for sure, but also herbal honey and notes of hay similar to sauvignon blanc. The...

  • Domaine la Bohème, G&M Blanc
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    Domaine la Bohème, G&M Blanc


    Vintage: 2019 Varietals: Muscat, Grenache Gris, Riesling, and Pinot Auxerrois Farming: Organic, Unfined/Unfiltered, No SO2 It is a dense, complex wine, quite rich but also fresh, with a beautiful acid line. Light, fresh and floral, with spices...

  • Ethno Kakhuri Mtsvane Rkatsiteli
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    Ethno Kakhuri Mtsvane Rkatsiteli


    2019Mtsvane, RkatsiteliThis beautiful, versatile Ethno Mtsvane-Rkatsiteli wine is an absolute top-pick for a dinner with special guests or to enjoy yourself on the terrace at a beautiful sunset. Hand-picked grapes, no additives and 10 days of skin...

  • Podrum Franjo 'Hinuk'
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    Podrum Franjo 'Hinuk'


    2019Stajerka, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Plavec, Sipalj, Kraljevina & Yellow MuscatKreso is a familiar face to anyone involved in the natural wine world as he was one of Zev’s first reps and whose passion for all things food and wine is legendary...

  • Lammidia 'Possibilmente'
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    Lammidia 'Possibilmente'


    2019PecorinoWine making: spontaneous fermentation by indigenous yeasts with maceration on the skins in amphoraFood matches: very good with mixed starters of both land and fish; also excellent as an aperitif in front of the sea! Organic. Biodynamic

  • Il Farneto Giandon Orange
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    Il Farneto Giandon Orange


    NVMalvasiaSpending almost 3 weeks on the skins, this orange wine is a tad bit funky, very aromatic, and textured. Made with 100% Malvasia grapes, this wine gives notes of tropical fruit, crisp red apple, citrus, and juicy peaches.Organic. Biodynamic

  • Paolo Foppiani Fognano Bianco
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    Paolo Foppiani Fognano Bianco


    2018Malvasia and OrtrugoAn orange wine of Malvasia and Ortrugo from the northern reaches of Emilia-Romagna, made by Paolo Foppiani with the help of Giulio Armani of La Stoppa and Denavolo. Golden and zesty in the glass the Fognano feels all soft and...

  • Marani Casreli, Khikhvi Qvevri Wine
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    Marani Casreli, Khikhvi Qvevri Wine


    2019KhikhviFounded in 2014, Marani Casareli proudly produces natural wine with traditional Georgian methods in qvevri dating back thousands of years. All vineyards are self-grown and harvested with organic practices to ensure the best quality product...

  • Subject to Change, "Unsung Hero"
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    Subject to Change, "Unsung Hero"


    202045% Marsanne, 30% Roussanne, 25% ViognierBonofiglio is a seven acre plot planted on what used to be the Russian River in the town of Hopland, lending its name to the soils known as Russian River loam. This is grower Glenn McGourtey's passion project...

  • Dilao, Rkatsiteli Mtsvane Amber Dry
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    Dilao, Rkatsiteli Mtsvane Amber Dry


    Vintage: 2020 Varietals: Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane Farming: Sustainable, Unfined/Unfiltered, Low S02 Delicate tannin with notes of dried apricot, pear, fig, lavender, and apple skin. The wine is 100% fermented in qvevri with indigenous yeast and...

  • Il Farneto, God Save the Wine
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    Il Farneto, God Save the Wine


    Vintage: NV Varietals: Spergola Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, Unfined/Unfiltered, Low Added SO2 Cloudy, amber colored. Bright and bubbly, with notes of tangerine, citrus and honey. This Pet-Nat is made from organic/biodynamic fruit in the 'Metodo...

  • Unico Zelo Esoterico
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    Unico Zelo Esoterico


    202031% Fiano, 29% Zibbibo, 22% Moscato Giallo, 13% Gewurtztraminer, 5% GrecoFermented on skins for two weeks. Matured for a year in large 3000L casks. No fining or filtration. Primary aromas of mandarin peel, black tea and rosehip. Mouthwatering acidity...