Aperitifs & digestifs

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    Amontillado 2016 (Sacristía AB)


    Quite a treat. Very complex, with lots of tiny nuances. In no particular order: dried apricots, polished exotic woods, beeswax, hay and other farmy notes, sea spray, hazelnuts, orange peel, molasses and salted caramel. Subtle minerals, as well as hints...

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    Fausse Piste Post-Feast


    This fortified wine from Fausse Piste is a perfect fall/winter beverage for post-dinner sipping, or even alongside a carefully selected meal. Certainly a dessert wine, but not at all cloyingly sweet. This pairs well with richer flavors like dark...

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    Osborne Solera AOS Rare - Sherry


    This Amontillado is part of the personal stores of the Osborne family, until very recently not made commercially available. 25 years average age at bottling from 3 different criaderas. Miniscule amounts are bottled, and fewer every year because of the...

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    Partida Creus MUZ Red Vermouth 1L


    NV Varieties: A blend of red, white and oxidative wine spiced with citrus and wild herbs.Deep ruby red. Delightful mix of red fruits, citrus peels, and baking spices.Clean, easy and juicy. Softly fruity, yet not sweet, and just a touch of bitter spice...