A Los Viñateros Bravos, Cinsault Canto a Lo Divino Valle del Itata

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Vintage: 2021

Varietals: Cinsault

Farming: Organic/Biodynamic, Low added SO2

The wines show tremendous balance and character: light-to-medium bodied. The unusual concentration, the lingering tannins, the freshness that makes it to last long. The fresh red fruits and the mineral notes at the end of palate, typical of volcanic soils, adds to the unique character of this wine.

The vines of Itata thrive in a steep hills landscape without irrigation. Bush vines are verry old in this region, and finding 100 years old vines is common here. Leonardo doesn’t interfere with the terroir to bring a strong sense of place into the bottle. Winemaking is simple, using only native yeast and cement tank for fermentation and aging.