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Gómez Nevado still use the traditional names of their wines; thus Pálido literally means “Pale”, and can be described as their “Fino-style” wine. This cuvée comes from their estate-owned, certified organic vineyards. Made up of 60% Aris, 20% Palomino, and 20% Pedro Ximenez, this wine is unfortified, with a natural alcohol of 15%, and spends an average of 5 years in a solera. The result is a balanced wine with delicate notes of bitter almonds, flowers, mushroom, and sea salt; the palate is rich and vibrant with tobacco notes, cleansing acidity, and lingering salt and umami notes. It can be treated as a serious white wine or as you would a Sherry, pairing with cured meats, rich seafood, olives, and savory braises and stews. Serve chilled in a white wine glass or a copita.

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